Retrieving custom networks from OSM using Pyrosm and translating to Pandana and NetworkX

Here I show you an easy trick to retrieve completely custom networks from OSM, using Pyrosm, without extra packages and unnecessary …

Google Summer of Code 2021

Here I post about the progress, struggle and success of working on project under GSoC 2021

Calculating Walking distance in Python. Networkx vs Pandana.

This post will show you how you can calculate walking distances along OSM road network in matter of miliseconds.

Distribution of Children homes in Czech Republic

Extracting data from XML and geocoding adresses and creating maps

Global Food Hazard Network

An investigation into the identification network of global food hazards.

Application of XGBoost regression for Spatial Interaction of Urban flow

Introduction This notebook provides a simple example of the application of XGBoost Spatial Interaction model in python. For the …

Sensitivity analysis

Can we safely change a value of variable without casing harm? How is it going to affect the model results?

Comparing the graph structures of the patients flow

# we will first import all necessary libraries import pandas as pd import os import numpy as np import glob from datetime import …

Inter-National Migration; Part 2 - Calculating Distances

Do you have an Origin-Destination data, you want to crack on with Spatial Interaction Models, but you dont know the distances between …

Intra-National Migration, Part 1 - EDA

Introduction What do I do here? This post is an exploration of the UK intra-migration data. Those are open source data that can be …